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Eligibility Criteria
The following is eligibility criteria for the City of Victoria's Tax Incentive Program (TIP):
a.       The building must be Heritage Designated.
b.       Eligible alterations are limited to seismic upgrading work, associated with retaining and
          conserving existing heritage fabric.
c.       Construction must not commence until the TIP Application has been advanced to Council
          for consideration (some strip-out work may be permitted in specific cases). Retroactive
          applications will not be accepted.
d.       Proposals must retain internal structure and exterior façades of the heritage building to the
          highest level possible unless proven in a seismic assessment to be the only viable option
          for seismic upgrading and/or adaptive reuse and be verified as being necessary by an
          independent peer review.
e.       Rooftop additions must be sensitively located and smaller in scale than the existing building
          and are limited to:
                                     i.   One-storey on top of heritage buildings that are two to three storeys
                                          and must include step-backs of at least 4 metres from street elevations.
                                     ii.  Two storeys on top of heritage buildings that are 4-storeys or greater and must                     include step-backs that are at least 3 metres from street elevations.
f.       Excavation below the original building foundations is not permitted unless verified as required
          as part of a structural assessment.
g.       For Residential Use TIP Applications, buildings must reuse/repurpose existing upper floors for
          residential use, with commercial on the ground floor. Eligible costs are limited to seismic                 upgrade work.
h.       For Non-Residential Use TIP Applications, the building must contain entirely commercial                   industrial or institutional uses. Eligible costs can include seismic upgrade work as well as   
          exterior conservation as well as code, mechanical and electrical upgrades.
i.        All applications must submit a seismic assessment of the heritage building with cost estimates
          for the seismic upgrade strategy and clearly separate out eligible heritage costs from any new
          construction and/or new development costs.
j.        Applications not meeting the above criteria will be considered ineligible and will not be
          accepted. Where an application has been accepted and its status changes to make it ineligible, 
          application processing will be stopped.
k.       Incomplete applications will not be accepted and if necessary, will be returned to applicants to
          await a complete, accurate submission.

How to Make Application for TIP
Applications are available by appointment from the City of Victoria’s Senior Heritage Planner for referral
to appropriate approving authorities. To make an appointment email:

Links to TIP Application Packages

Heritage Tax Incentive Program Application – Non-Residential Uses

Heritage Tax Incentive Program Application – Residential Uses

Programs Administered by Victoria Civic Heritage Trust:

Building Incentive Program (BIP)
Up to 50% matching funds to a maximum of $100,000 per building within a ten year period for eligible conservation work on legally protected commercial, industrial, institutional, and apartment buildings within City of Victoria.

BIP - Design Assistance Grant (DAG)
Up to 50% matching funds to a maximum of $5,000 per building for preliminary design, heritage, architectural, engineering, cost estimating or other consulting services to assess, plan, and prepare work on an eligible BIP conservation project.

Parapet Incentive Program (PIP)
Up to 75% co-funding for eligible voluntary seismic upgrading costs to a maximum of $200,000 per building within a ten year period for exterior falling hazards (parapets, cornices, anchoring and connections of the building's facades, features, chimneys, balconies, fire escapes, etc) and seismic upgrading of the roof and wall connections.

PIP - Design Assistance Grant (PIP-DAG)
One-time 75% co-funding to a maximum of $4,500 per building to engage professional structural engineers for preliminary assessment and design work as required to prepare a PIP application for voluntary seismic upgrading of exterior falling hazards.

This information is updated periodically by the Victoria Civic Heritage Trust.

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